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  Altoona, Pennsylvania (us) Horseshoe Curve 1992   
  Beacon, New York (us) Mount Beacon Inclined Railway. 1902  1983 
  Cañon City, Colorado (us) Royal Gorge Bridge Incline Railway 1931-06-14   
  Catskill Mountains, New York (us) Otis Elevating Railway 1892-08-07  1918 
  Chattanooga, Tennessee (us) Lookout Mountain Incline Railway 1895   
  Cincinnati, Ohio (us) Mc Adams Incline 1880  c1950 
  Cincinnati, Ohio (us) McAubun Incline 1890 
  Cincinnati, Ohio (us) Price Hill Incline 1876 
  City of Industry, California (us) Industry Hills Incline 1981-01-??   
  Colfax, Iowa (us) Colfax Spring Hotel Incline 1884  1900? 
  Dubuque, Iowa (us) 11th Street Elevator 1887  1927 
  Dubuque, Iowa (us) Fenelon Place Elevator 1882-07-25   
  Duluth, Minnesota (us) Duluth Belt Line Railway 1889  1917 
  Duluth, Minnesota (us) Duluth Incline 1891  1939-09-04 
  Dunlap, Tennessee (us) Coal Mine Incline 1901   
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