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  Fairfax, California (us) Fairfax Incline Rly. 1913  1929 
  Hoboken, New Jersey (us) The Hobeken Inclined Cable Railway 1890  1950-01-?? 
  Hoboken, New Jersey (us) Wagon Elevator 1873  1943-02-04 
  Holyoke, Massachusetts (us) Mt. Tom Railroad  
  Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (us) The Switch Back Gravity Railroad 1827-05-??  1933 
  Kansas City, Missouri (us) 9th Street Incline 1885   
  Lake Geroge, New York (us) The Prospect Mountain Cable Incline Railway 1895-06-15   
  Los Angeles, California (us) Angels Flight 1901  1969 
  Los Angeles, California (us) Angels Flight (II) 1996-02-26  2001-02-01 
  Los Angeles, California (us) Court Flight 1901-12-31  1943-10-20 
  Los Angeles, California (us) Mount Washington Incline Railway 1909-05-24  1919-01-09 
  Los Angeles, California (us) Playa del Rey 1901  1909 
  Mount Manitou, Colorado (us) Mount Manitou Incline Railway 1906  1990 
  Ohio (us) The Mozart Park Incline 1893-10-??  1907 
  Pasadena, California (us) Mount Lowe Incline 1893-06-21  1937-12-05 
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