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  Edmonton (ca) Edmonton Incline Railway 1908-05-20  1913 
  Edmonton, Alberta (ca) Edmonton Convention Center 1983   
  Hamilton (ca) Hamilton & Barton Incline Railway 1892-06-11  1932 
  Hamilton (ca) Hamilton Incline Railway 1900  1936-08-15 
  Montreal (ca) Mount-Royal-Railway
  Montreal (ca) Stade Olympique 1987   
  Niagara Falls (ca) Horseshoe Falls Incline Railway 1966   
  Niagara Falls (ca) Lewiston Incline 1764  1790 
  Niagara Falls (ca) Maid Of The Mist Incline 1894  1990 
  Niagara Falls (ca) Old Maid Of The Mist Incline 1844  1860 
  Niagara Falls (ca) Prospect Point Incline 1892  1954 
  Niagara Falls (ca) Whirlpool Incline 1868  1889 
  Niagara Falls (ca) Whirlpool Rapids Incline 1877  1934 
  Quebec (ca) Funiculaire du Vieux-Quebec 1879-11-17   
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