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Elevador de Portugal pt
Text & photo © Ernst Kers

Elevador da Bica, Lisboa
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Elevador da Gloria, Lisboa
Maintenance is done once every 3 years and performed on location. So each year about May-June one of the Lisbon funiculars is out of use.
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Elevador de Guindais, Porto
In Porto there was a funicular from 1891-1893: Elevador de Guindais. The history of it you can find in the various section of Ernst Kers Tram of Porto site. On the same location now a new funicular is under construction.

Elevador da Lavra, Lisboa
"The cars of the Gloria and Lavra are motorized. The cable is just for the balance. The driver of the ascending car controls the power supply of both cars; of the descending car via the overhead wires. The rails at both is double above the passing point and interlaced below. The Bica tracks are interlaced, of course except at the passing point. Some more details: all three funiculars started with the water counterbalance system. Lavra and Gloria were at first metre gauge with Riggenbach ladder rack for emergency braking. Lavra and Bica were soon changed for steam power. Conversion into electric power was done in 1914 (Lavra 1915), but because of a serious accident while testing the new system, the Bica was closed until 1923."
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Nazaré - Lugar do Sitio, Nazaré
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Santa Justa elevator, Lisboa
the vertical Santa Justa elevator in Lisbon.